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  1. QHow can I make reservations or enquiries?


    Call us at 82-2-380-4800, 4811 and send a message at info@dmcville.co.kr

  2. QHow can I become residents in DMC Ville?

    A DMC Ville is the serviced apartment only for foreigners and only foreign passport holder can become residents with one month minimum stay.
  3. QWhere is the closest subway station and how to get to DMC Ville ?


    Get off at Digital Media City station(Line No. 6 or Airport railway), exit No. 2 and transfer to Bus No. 7711 or 7730. Get off at World Cup Park apartment complex 5(Sangam High School.)

  4. QDo you issue parking pass for residents?


    Fill out parking pass form and submit it with car registration for complimentary parking pass. KRW30,000 will be charged for missing pass. 

  5. QExplain about garbage recycling.


    According to the relevant Korean law, local citizens and foreigners have  

    responsibility for garbage recycling. Please separate garbages into different categories

    and throw them away into the designated area. For more information, contact Guest

    Service desk. 
  6. QUtilities shall be charged?


    Utilities such as gas, heat, water, and electricity are included in the monthly rental charge. However, by the clause of No. 5 in the contract, if the lessee spends more than the monthly permissible electricity limit set by the lessor, extra electricity cost shall be charged to the lessee. The lessor provides information about extra electricity cost upon Check-In and sends the bi-weekly alarm letter to the lessee who is expected to overspend the electricity for the month after careful monitoring by the lessor. The lessor also provides a letter about how to save the energy to prevent any lessee from being charged for excessive use of electricity.

  7. QIs there extra charge for damaged or missing items?


    Yes. If any damage or breakage of lessor’s fixtures, funiture or home appliances is found, the lessee shall pay the damage charge to the lessor according to the clause No. 12 “Duty to make good” in the contract. 

  8. QCan I rent electrical transformer?

    A You can rent it at Guest Service . In case of breakage or missing, it will be charged.
  9. QCan I use Internet service?


    For the convenience of the residents, we provide complimentary high-speed internet service. Contact Guest Service Desk for internet speed or change of setting in your computer. 

  10. QHow often is unit caretaking provided per week?


    Weekly room cleaning and inspection will be performed on a designated day except for weekends and public holidays.

  11. QDo you keep luggage for residents before or after move-in?


    Your luggage shall be kept in our storage area. Contact Guest Service Desk for more information. Restrictions may apply depending on the number and size of your luggage

  12. QCan I have direct phone number to my apartment?


    Each apartment unit has its own telephone number and receiving phone calls from outside is free, but you need to apply for telephone to make phone calls to outside. Contact Guest Service Desk for application and telephone bill will be issued on the 1st day of each month. 

  13. QDo you have extra charge for missing keys?


    Yes. New card key can be issued for KRW 4,000 per one card.

  14. QDo you have a parking space for visitors?


    Visitors can park their car on the outside parking lot. Underground parking lot is only for residents. 

  15. QHow can I use conference room, resident’s lounge or garden for BBQ?


    Fill out the request form at Guest Service Desk to make a reservation. 

  16. QHow can I use fitness center?


    Fitness center is only for residents. Please sign in at the Fitness center desk before using it. Write down your apartment number, name and signature. 

  17. QIs there business center for copy or fax?


    Guest Service Desk helps you meet your business needs such as copy, fax, courier, and print. Sending international fax costs extra charge. 

  18. QHow about laundry? How can I have a laundry service?


    There is a washing machine in the apartment unit for washing clothes. For dry cleaning,

    If you leave your laundry at Guest Service Desk, outside laundry shop will pick it up and return it back. Charge shall be paid in cash.

  19. QHow can I get tour information?


    Guest Service Desk will assist you with information and reservation of tourist attraction, transportation, shopping center, restaurant, and cultural events

  20. QWhen is Check-In/Out time?


    Check-In time is after 12:oopm, Check-out time is until 12:00pm

  21. QHow about breakfast? (To be written off. Final decision will be made by GM)


    At resident’s lounge on 3rd floor in apartment building 104, complimentary continental breakfast is provided. Operation hours are from 6:40am to 9:20am during weekdays except for Weekends and Public Holidays.

  22. QDo you provide complimentary shuttle bus for residents?


    DMC Ville operates complimentary shuttle bus for the commutes, shopping. Please contact Guest Service Desk for shuttle bus schedule.

  23. QIs there a limousine bus from Incheon Airport to DMC Ville?


    Limousine bus no. 6012 runs from Incheon Airport to DMC Ville. The one way bus

     fare is KRW 10,000 per person. To get to the Incheon Airport from DMC Ville, take the

    same bus at the bus stop across the street. The bus stop is located right by the DMC

    Ville and Guest Service Desk provides bus schedule in detail. 

  24. QWhat do you provide for amenities in apartment?


    DMC Ville provides everything for the convenience of foreign residents, such as complete set of kitchen utensils, furniture, home electronics. For more information, please visit

     ( detail information )

  25. QIs there a nearby international clinic for foreigners?


    International Clinic at Severance hospital in Shinchon provides medical service in

    English for foreigners. Call 1599-1004 for reservation, which is available 24hours 365days.

    If you need a first-aid treatment, visit Emergency Center at Severance Hospital. 
  26. QIs there a foreign school nearby?


    Dwight School and Japanese School which are located adjacent to DMC Ville provide learning opportunity for international students. 

  27. QWhere is the closest store?


    There is a convenience store, restaurant, and coffee shop in the commercial complex of DMC Ville for the convenience of residents. Discount stores are conveniently located near Digital Media City station(Line No.6) and World Cup Stadium station(Line 6) 

  28. QDo you arrange moving company upon Check-In/Out?


    DMC Ville provides moving company information. However, we recommend you to contact various companies along with our recommendation because every residents have different needs and requests.